Remembering Flight 93

The Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA.

This weekend I had the honor of visiting the Flight 93 Memorial and remembering those who died that tragic September morning.   And so today, on Memorial Day, I would like to honor those forty brave men and women who chose to be the first soldiers in the Global War on Terror. 

The passengers and crew of United Flight 93 had heard the shocking news of the other hijackings and the carnage that had resulted.  They understood that their plane was on a direct course to our Nation’s capitol.  With one voice they voted to fight back.  Their heroic struggle changed the course of that day.  The terrorists on board Flight 93 were defeated.  They were defeated by everyday men and women.

The valiant struggle of those forty heroes ended in a farmer’s field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania – “A common field one day.  A field of honor forever”.

Today we honor: Christian Adams, Lorraine Bay,  Todd Beamer , Alan Beaven, Mark Bingham, Deora Bodley,  Sandra Bradshaw, Marion Britton,  Thomas Burnett, Jr. William Cashman, Georgine Rose Corrigan,  Patricia Cushing, Jason Dahl, Joseph DeLuca, Patrick Driscoll, Edward Porter Felt, Jane Folger, Colleen Fraser,  Andrew Garcia, Jeremy Glick, Lauren Grandcolas, Wanda Green, Donald Greene, Linda Gronlund, Richard Guadagno, LeRoy Homer, Jr.,  Toshiya Kuge, CeeCee Lyles, Hilda Marcin, Waleska Martinez, Nicole Miller, Louis Nacke, II, Donald Peterson, Jean Hoadley Peterson, Mark Rothenberg, Christine Snyder, John Talignani, Honor Elizabeth Wainio, Deborah Ann Jacobs Welsh,  and Kristin Gould White.

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