Remembering Flight 93

This weekend I had the honor of visiting the Flight 93 Memorial and remembering those who died that tragic September morning.   And so today, on Memorial Day, I would like to honor those forty brave men and women who chose to … Continued

A Mother’s Love

It was a warm April morning and I had just arrived at Arlington National Cemetery to review the markers in Section 60. I was there on my monthly pilgrimage to update my website data base. While my attention was centered … Continued

A Tribute to Senior Chief Petty Officer Robinson

Thanks Heath

These simple words are hand painted on a stone that lays at the base of the grave
marker for Navy SEAL Heath Michael Robinson. Together with the date of death
etched on the marker, one immediately understands. August 6, 2011 was the day our
nation suffered the single largest loss of U.S. troops since we first entered Afghanistan
more than ten years ago.

Remembering LCPL Eric William Herzberg

An athlete, a fan of Irish and patriotic country music, a wicked video gamer and rugby player, Eric loved his country and his Catholic faith. He was 20 years old when he died. Eric was born at Madigan Army hospital at Fort … Continued

Remembering Captain Brian Scott Letendre

Captain Brian Scott Letendre – USMC Operation Iraqi Freedom (05.13.1978 – 05.03.2006) A photograph is nestled in the holiday wreath that graces Capt Letendre’s grave marker.  It captures the proud face of a father and his smiling young son. Born the day … Continued

How You Can Help

We would like to thank the media outlets who have taken an interest in and picked up the story. Our biggest thanks are to all of you who have contacted us with feed back and offers of help. Your … Continued

New Project Preserve and Honor Blog

The goal of is to honor our nation’s fallen heroes who served in the Global War on Terror.  To that end, we are launching a new blog which will feature stories and remembrances submitted by the colleagues, friends and … Continued